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The Jacko & Nunkie Show

I Have a Passion for Delighting People

If you wish to learn more about my packages and services, talk to me today.

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Affordable Party Packages

If you are looking to do something special to make your child's party, fete, fun day, or open day stand out and be memorable, please contact me to find out how I might be able to help.

Organising a kids’ party might seem daunting, but it is actually very simple if you understand the needs and dynamics of your attendees. Accomplish this with help from me, Paul Tinsley, also known as Jacko from The Jacko & Nunkie Show in Swindon, England. I do shows for children’s celebrations and fill them with balloons, magic, and laughter.

What you can expect from my 1-hour shows:

  • A magic show where your child is the star
  • A puppet called Nunkie the Monkey who likes playing with balloons and telling jokes
  • Balloon animals as prizes

Best of all, my shows are affordable and will go easy on your bank account as my prices will fit into your budget.


60-Minute Show – £165

90 Party Package – £185

Fun Day Package – From *£250

*Fun day packages prices vary. Please contact me for more details.

How It Works

At the start, Jacko introduces himself then his partner Nunkie the Monkey. In The Jacko & Nunkie Show, there is plenty of group interaction. The children get a high dose of self-esteem, and they make the magic happen.

Your child becomes the star of the show as they become the magician and help make gifts appear for themselves and all of their guests. There will be loads of fun for everyone!

As a performer, my goal is to entertain young audiences, never failing to make them laugh and even getting some of them to take part in the show. They can either assist me in performing magic or do it themselves as well as sing nursery rhymes with everyone while dancing. The kids who help me entertain will be rewarded with a ‘Jacko’s Gift’.


Balloon animals will be provided for every kid, while puppets, funny gags, and other engaging acts for all ages are guaranteed to trigger their laughs. My games and activities will also come with prizes.

With my help, you and your kids can enjoy a stress-free and affordable party. I run several types of shows depending on the duration of time you hire me, which includes the following:

Children’s Party Packages and Magic Shows – £135

Limited Offer

All Bookings

Offer Ends 31 August 2021


Balloon Twisting Workshop

Also Available

Balloon Workshop – From £105

(60 Minutes)

I bring a few hundred inflated professional modelling balloons to your venue and run a balloon twisting workshop session. A balloon twisting workshop is perfect for children ages 5 and over, and those younger can easily get by with a little help.

The children learn how to twist the balloons, and we make a few basic models together as a group. I show them how to make a crazy balloon hat and how to connect the balloons in any way they want.

Then, I put on party music and the children make whatever they like with all the colourful balloons. Additionally, the children get to keep all of their fabulous works of art. They might even talk about it for days afterward.

This is a creative and original activity that is perfect for holiday clubs, end-of-term treats, and Brownie groups or Cub packs. The photo opportunities during and after the workshop are out of this world.

Payment and Policies

A deposit fee of £50 must be paid first via PayPal. The invoice will be emailed to you after your booking has been read and confirmed. A link will then be provided, directing you to PayPal.

The remaining balance must be taken care of at the event itself. However, you can also pay ahead via PayPal. Again, make sure that you contact me first if you would like to deposit the balance prior to your party.

Terms and Conditions

Listed below are the terms and conditions of booking. All clients need to agree with this before I can confirm your booking and perform at your event.

  1. The client setting up the appointment must be over 18 years of age.
  2. The booking has to be made through the form on my website. All information provided must be correct. If the form submitted contains errors, please contact me immediately.
  3. I will provide entertainment for the guests who want to watch me perform at the event I have been booked for. My performance will consist of balloon modelling, funny gags, magic tricks, engaging acts with audience participation, illusions, games, and occasional nursery rhymes. Whoever I call up to the stage to assist me will be rewarded with a gift.
  4. The setup of the performance will be my responsibility. However, the performing area within the venue must have access to a plug connected to the main electricity. This is important for my microphone, so this policy point is mainly aimed at hall event bookings (e.g. at a community centre). The performing area or stage must allow me about three paces in front and six to the side, providing enough room to perform my acts without risking the children’s safety or restricting their view.
  5. Please make sure that there is at least one adult present during the entire party. He or she is responsible for the children.
  6. None of my equipment or apparatus can be interfered with before, during, or after one of my shows at the event.
  7. Do inform me should the event be cancelled. I will be unable to provide a refund of the deposit. If payment has been made prior to the event, clients will receive 100% of the remaining cost minus the deposit.
  8. The deposit must be paid within 3 days after the invoice has been sent. The invoice is usually sent once you have submitted the booking form and your event has been registered.
  9. The remaining balance must be paid to me at the event itself.
  10. I will arrive at the venue 20-30 minutes before the event starts so that I can set up. You will not be charged for the time spent in setting up and packing up.
  11. Additional transportation fees may occur if the location is too far from my catchment area. This will be agreed upon between me and the client over a point of contact (e.g. Facebook, email). It will also be noted on the invoice sent to you.
  12. I will not perform at events where there are people under the influence of alcohol or are suspected to be under the influence of drugs.
  13. Feel free to take photographs of my performance, but I ask nicely that no videos are to be recorded. I give my permission for the photos to be placed on any social networking sites as long as there is also permission from the children and their parents.
  14. Sometimes, photos may also be taken by my organisation for marketing and website display purposes. If you are not happy with this and would like no photos of me performing at your event to be taken and placed on my website or social media sites, please choose the “NO” option in the form.
  15. I will not be held liable should there be injuries or damage caused by food, drinks, cutlery, or pets and animals. Therefore, please ensure that the area where the audience will be sitting is cleared of these hazards.
  16. We take your privacy seriously as we don’t hold your email or any of your details. We don’t pass anything onto any third parties.

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